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CYSAF provides resource, social and psychological services for youth and counseling.

Referral Services Offered:  College preparatory lab classes, college and vocational financial aid assistance, career deelopment training and employment referral services, and field trips.

CYSAF also operates an on-site residential facility known as Hahn-Wesson Group Home, which houses six (6) hard-to place boys (15-18 years old), who have been referred for placement by the Department of Probation.  The success of our students can be directly attributed to the counseling and tutoring received from CYSAF progams.

All of the CYSAF's programs are aimed at the abatement and eventual suppression of adolescent drug and alcohol usage, gana association, and juvenile delinquency.  CYSAF's programs are collaborative efforts, which include the Juvenile Justice System, the Probation Department, California Employment Development Department, A.A.D.A.P. (Asian American Drug Abuse Program, L.A. Youth at Works, Faith Based Institutions, One Stop Career Development Centers, local businesses, Computer Resurces Lab Center, Minority AIDS Project, the Coordinated Prevention Network for Service Planning Area 6 (SPA 6) and other Community Based Organizations.